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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Whist Drives: A card game

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In whist drives, each table consists of two partnerships formed by a lady and a gentleman, and after each hand the winning gentleman moves up one table to form a partnership with the losing lady there, and the winning lady moves down a table to partner the losing gentleman there. Totals of tricks won are kept by each player on a score-card, and at the end of the drive there are usually prizes for the winning ;lady and the winning gentleman, plus a booby prize for the lowest score. Players entering whist drives for the first time should be warned that there are conventions accepted by regular players, for instance a player holding A K Q J of the trump suit is expected to inform his partner of the fact by leading jack first followed by Queen. A player contravening these conventions might get a black look from his partner.

Solo whist:

this is a more serious gambling medium. As its name implies, there are no partnerships, each player playing for himself. The deal passes in rotation, and the cards are not shuffled after each hand. The dealer deals the cards to the players in bundles of three, the last four cards being dealt singly. The last card is dealt face up to dealer's left, each player assesses his hand and may pass or make a bid as follows.

Solo indicates that he undertakes to make five tricks.

  • Misere is an undertaking to lose all thirteen tricks. There are no trumps with this bid.
  • Abundance is an undertaking to win nine tricks, with a trump suit of his choice.
  • Royal abundance is an undertaking to win nine tricks, with the turned-up suit as trumps.
  • Open misere is an undertaking to lose all thirteen tricks, with, after the first trick, his hand exposed on the table. There are no trumps.
  • Abundance declared is an undertaking to win all thirteen ticks with a trump suit of his choice.
Any bid made must be higher than a previous bid, and a player who passes may not later enter the bidding. A player who fulfills his contract, or fails to, wins or loses to each opponent at the following rate: 2 units for solo, 3 for misere and 8 for abundance declared. There are no additional bonuses or penalties for over or under-tricks.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Gin Rummy: Poker game

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is an American version of Knock rummy for two players. Ten cards are dealt to each player. If the non-dealer refuses the up card, the dealer may have it. If he refuses, the non-dealer draws the top card of the stock. After drawing once, either player may knock on his own turn, provided his total in unmatched cards does not exceed ten. His opponent then lays down his hand and may lay off unmatched cards in the lower count he scores the difference in points. If his opponent has an equal or lower count, he he scores the difference, if any, and a bonus of 25. If the knocker goes 'gin', i.e all his cards are matched, he scores a bonus of 25, even if his opponent then matches all his cards.

The first player to score 100 wins the game, and adds 100 points to his score 25 points for each hand he has won. If the loser has no points for each hand he has won. If the loser has no points, the winner's score is doubled. Settlement is then made at an agreed amount per point, or per ten points.

Rummy variations: All rummy players have their own favorites version of the game and practice varies considerably, especially when knocking, laying off and setting. players must agree before play begins on which conventions are to be followed.
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Friday, July 6, 2007

Poker Rummy: A poker game

Rummy is a very popular poker game and may be played by two to six people. The standard pack is used, the cards ranking from King high down to Ace. With 2-4 players, the dealer deals seven cards to each player including himself; with 5 or 6 players he deals six. He then places the next card face up in the center of the table to begin a discard pile, and the remainder are placed face down to form the stock. Each player in turn to the dealer's left may take either the top card of the stock, discarding a card himself. The object of the game is to form sets, either of three or four cards of the same value, for example three or four Jacks, or a sequence of at least three cards of the same suit, say4 5 6 of Hearts. As the Ace counts low, A 2 3 is a sequence, A K Q is not. Players' sets. Sets may be wins and the deal ends. A player may lay off cards onto the winner's sets, and are caught for the values of all cards remaining in their hands, including undeclared sets. Court cards count as ten, other cards at their pip values. Settlement is made to the winner after each deal at an amount per pip to be agreed beforehand. A player who declares all his cards in one turn scores rummy and is paid double.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Holdem poker

Poker- Texas Holdem

This is truly the golden age of holdem poker. If there is one form of poker to learn or to specialize in, it's holdem. Not only will you find more games to choose from, but the players in these games find more games to chose from, but the players in these games tend to be less knowledgeable and experienced than those in other form of poker, like seven-cards stud. Simply put, holdem games should be easier to beat other games just because that's what everyone is playing.

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In poker, your results over time are based on the quality of your play relative to your opposition. This explains why a player may be able to win at the games at a particular limit, but not at a higher limit. With the huge influx of new holdem players, you will be playing against a large number of inexperienced, less skilled player. Thus, holdem games often are very lucrative.

Being capable of making money at holdem assumes, of course, that you play better than your opponents. Unfortunately, this will not happen overnight, and although it is certainly possible to walk into a card room, sit right down, and win on your very first session, it's just not very likely. The large amount of short-term luck in poker makes it possible for anyone to be winner on any particular day, but if you plan on playing more than once it's not a bad idea to know what you are doing.